Our Partners

    IoT Technology Partner

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon.com and provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments. AWS will build out Project Ocean Watch’s Internet of Things platform and provide all related technology support services.

   Education +Technology Partner

Through a partnership with Google Earth Outreach, Project Ocean Watch will be able to visualize their cause and tell their st ory in Google Earth & Maps to hundreds of millions of people. In addition, content will be shared via Google Apps for Education to 2.5 million users, Google Apps for Ed Newsletter reaching 150,000 and Google’s trainer and innovator network of 3,000 worldwide educators.

    Science + Research Partner

MBARI is a world center for advanced research and education in ocean science and technology. MBARI will collaborate with Project Ocean Watch by advising on science and research initiatives aboard S/V Ocean Watch and placing instrumentation aboard for their own data collection.

   Education + Student Engagement Partner

FableVision is an educational publishing company that has a solid network of highly credentialed educators and clients in its  portfolio including National Geographic, PBS Kids, Classroom, Inc., Scholastic, Smithsonian Institution, Random House, New  England Aquarium, and Pearson. The firm has a growing digital community of 4.8+ million active and engaged students in  classrooms throughout 128 countries

PADF.org and their STEM Americas and STEM Oceans programs will enable Project Ocean Watch to expand our STEM education programs within Latin American countries. Established by the Organization of American States in 1962, PADF has worked in every country in the region. In 2017 PADF reached 10.3 million people through sustainable development initiatives in Latin American and Caribbean countries.


Project Ocean Watch is a member of a newly formed organization of world-class, highly credentialed marine scientists and  agencies that span from “Pole to Pole” around the Americas called MBON (Marine Biodiversity Observation Network). Affiliation with the MBON includes endorsement from a network of local marine conservation and research organizations and  individuals and a continuous connection to the network through the Internet of Things. The MBON will provide a powerful  marketing and distribution platform. Project Ocean Watch will provide berths for scientists from MBON and a continuous  feed of oceanographic and atmospheric data, images and video from the expedition to users of the MBON data, including the  public. Members include representative organizations from USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina,  Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and Canada.

Partnership Benefits for Project Ocean Watch:

▪Endorsement from established network of  local marine conservation and research  organizations, schools and individuals to tap  into in each port and ‘neighborhood of the  sea’ along the expedition route.
▪Inclusion on websites and information  distribution networks such as GEOSS,OBIS,  UNESCO, NOAA , GOOS

Partnership Benefits for MBON:

▪Ocean Watch to be the first OBIS Mobile  Data Node, providing continuous feed of  oceanographic and atmospheric data,  images, video from the expedition to be  uploaded into the OBIS repository of marine  biodiversity data
▪Reserved berth aboard Ocean Watchfor  scientists affiliated with MBON

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