Ocean Innovation Challenge

Project Ocean Watch Global Prize Competition:

  • Design a competition accessible to wide audiences to source solutions to key conservation challenges, contributing to a vibrant and sustainable blue economy
  • Connect with local and indigenous populations to level the playing field for entrepreneurs.
  • Feature a youth prize category, enabling middle & high school students to participate
  • Assemble a highly credentialed team of judges with expertise in ocean science, technology and social impact investing
  • Hold ocean innovation summits in each port to announce winners and award micro-grants and scholarships

Categories for competition include innovations in:

  • Clean Water + Sanitation
  • Shipping + Maritime Industry Innovations
  • Sustainable Seafood
  • Offshore Renewable Energy
  • Plastics: Biodegradable; single use reduction; upcycling;
  • Disruptive Technologies (AI, IoT, smart robots, blockchains, VR, gene editing)
  • Marine Pharmacology + Marine Genetic Resources

Youth Category:

A paradigm shift is underway in education that emphasizes learning by doing, real-world project-based learning and creative problem-solving. Including a youth category in the global ocean innovation competition provides a breakthrough experience for middle and high school aged students to develop creative solutions that protect the health of the oceans. Scholarships will be awarded in each port.

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