IoT Learning Platform

An 18th century voyage with 21st century sensors

The Internet of Things is the network of devices and objects that contain sensors, enabling the collection and exchange of data. The IoT impact potential is unprecedented and will be key in accomplishing the goals of the expedition in terms of education, science, global communications + audience reach.

An IoT Platform:

  • Serves as a student, teacher, parent, conservationist and researcher portal to access all of the information and data that is being generated and collected from multiple sources during the voyage. Data analytics and visualization tools can be accessed by everyone
  • Supports virtual and augmented reality experiences that allow millions of people to be ‘virtual crew members,’ discussing what they see, interpreting data + sharing ideas
  • Allows Project Ocean Watch to tell meaningful, emotional stories with information

The rare combination of IoT data and rich media that can be produced and shared (VR, video, photography) will create an extremely compelling narrative for the voyage—and the impact the digital industrial revolution can have on education and more importantly, the planet

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